Anti-Freeze & Coolant Offers from Witham

Witham launches winter deal on Anti-freeze & Coolants

As winter looms, anti-freeze and coolants prices could be set to rise due to some unique market influences such as Brexit.  The Witham Group has tried to mitigate this uncertainty by securing a good early rate on orders from coolant manufacturers to ensure there is enough supply at the best price for Woldmarsh members.

Witham has also launched a special winter deal giving customers a free screen wash and de-icer spray with orders of 50 litres or more of Anti-freeze and Coolants.  The deal works like this:

  • Order 50 litres or more of ANY Anti-freeze/Coolants and received FREE 5 litre Screen wash
  • Order 75 litres or more of ANY Anti-freeze/Coolant and receive FREE 5 litre Screen wash AND De-icer spray

Click here to see Witham’s winter deals on anti-freeze and coolants.


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