Fuel, Fuel Cards & LPG

We buy approximately 40 million litres of oil fuels per year, delivered to some 3,500 sites and around 650,000 litres of Adblue.  We also supply around 1 million litres of bulk gas, 3,000 cylinders of varying types and sizes and our members have 1,000 fuel cards of varying types to cover petrol and derv purchases.

We negotiate up to two year forward buying fuel contracts for gas oil, derv and kerosene. A large percentage of these contracts are for the harvest and sowing periods enabling members to fix their input costs. We subscribe to up to date live market news and pricing helping our members to make timely purchase decisions.

Fuel cards provide a cost saving at the pumps and much-improved administration processes by removing the need to keep receipts for fleet management and accounting purposes.

Our members have access to a number of different bulk gas contracts to suit individual requirements from the two largest UK suppliers.

In addition, we secure approximately 2,000 tonnes of bio fuels; both pellets and chip for members claiming RHI payments each year.

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