Fuel, Fuel Cards & LPG

The last few years has seen some very significant changes in the distribution of fuel to farmers in the East of England and UK farming in general, with some of the smaller, independent distributors taken over by larger ones, resulting in diminished competition over time.

So, what can the farmer do to improve their chances of consistently buying well in a challenging market?

This is where a buying group steps in. In a typical year, Woldmarsh buys over 40 million litres of fuel, for more than, 3,500 sites as well as 650,000 litres of Adblue.  Within the agricultural sector, we are one of the largest buyers of fuel in the East Midlands and Yorkshire. We can help you to buy smarter in the current market.

In this case, size does make a difference. Whether you need to fill your bulk gas storage tank, buy gas oil, derv, EN590, Kero or simply need to talk through your options, we can help. If you want to evaluate the right time to buy, our buyers are plugged in real time to the fuel markets. At any given minute we know the market trends. When an external event influences the market speculators, we know about it and see its effect on prices. If the market is going down, we can advise you to wait for the fall in price filtering through to the distributor networks. If it is going up, we can make sure your order is in before the distributors react and put their prices up. Farming is a complex business. You cannot be everywhere at once.

What does group purchasing of fuel do that you either cannot do by yourself or it comes with added difficulty?

It would be rare to find an industry specialist on many farms. Our team has decades of experience working for the group or the distributor networks and they know intimately how the market works and how to optimise for you, the data they see every day. It is their job to guide you to make good decisions for your set of circumstances. Every week they provide a bulletin read by the majority of the membership, highlighting what’s influencing the market and what to look out for.

Although the life of a farmer is full of unpredictability, the phrase “control the controllables”, has to be a significant way to help you optimise farm profitability. If that means buying your fuel in advance, to fix cost and improve the predictability of your margins, we can help. If monitoring your tank to avoid run-outs is what you need, we can assist with the technology and making sure you never run out.

Just want to buy on the spot market?

We will find the most effective combination of price, delivery schedule and quality of service that meets your needs.

Have you ever thought a fuel card might come in handy? Or do you want to restrict your employees to buying at specific outlets, or does the prospect of one bill a month and guaranteed weekly prices suit you? All of this is possible with a fuelcard from Woldmarsh. We have multiple options to choose from, including cards that can be used at supermarkets or via outlet chains such as Keyfuels.

If any of this sounds of interest to you, call, email or contact us via social media and we will respond as you would prefer for a no-obligation interaction. What have you got to lose? Much more likely you have much to gain.