With over 25 years’ of experience there’s not much that we don’t know about buying fertiliser. Our aim is to provide an efficient service that you can trust. Price is obviously important but we never compromise on quality which is why we only work with suppliers who can meet our robust standards; right product, right price and at the right time!

As your group we will only ever give you an objective view; if the time’s not right to buy we’ll tell you that too.

Our results speak for themselves; there’s a reason why year on year the amount of fertilizer we manage for our members increases; we communicate what’s happening, make the process simple, leaving you free to get on with farming secure in the knowledge that we will only ever do our best for you.

We are Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) Accredited.  FIAS accreditation

Anyone who stores or handles fertilisers must secure it to prevent it from being stolen. This mean importers and manufacturers, hauliers and farmers. Regardless of the amount, everybody has responsibility to take appropriate security measures and be vigilant. – Click here for  more information.


The market for seed can change rapidly in terms of pricing and availability, particularly in peak season. Our seed department has many years’ experience in sourcing and supplying a wide range of seed products and services for members. We work closely with both seed merchants and wholesalers to ensure members receive very competitive pricing. In addition, we also negotiated seed cleaning and dressing terms with a number of companies as well as germination testing for farm-saved seed.


Agrochemicals are key inputs for our members. We work with both independent agronomists and Ag-Chem distributors to provide a complete package for members, including early-season ordering, in-season timely delivery to invoicing and rebates. We hold a database of over 2,000 live negotiated product prices with final terms finalised twice a year in July and January with all rebates/price adjustments being paid back to members. We have excellent relationships with manufacturers of crop protection products giving us the latest information on current products, and an insight into the technologies for the future.

The current Woldmarsh Ag Chem team has over 50 years’ combined experience in this market enabling us to offer an informed view on the market, we are in constant communication with our members and their agronomists, keeping them up to date with industry developments and pricing information.

Animal & Feed

We work with numerous suppliers for animal bedding, feed, animal health products and livestock equipment including fencing, gates and more. Members can contact the office to place their orders or can carry on dealing with their regular contacts at our suppliers and but still benefit from our pricing structure.