Rather than specifying what we can source it’s easier to presume that we can help procure anything needed on farm or linked with farm diversification projects. With a supplier base of over 500 and an annual spend of £12 million we have multiple contacts in most commodity areas.


Our suppliers can provide all forms of aggregate including concrete, limestone, builders rubble and tarmac


Whether you need a tank for fuel, water or irrigation, we can help.

Crop Packaging

With an annual spend of over £300,000 we have a number of key reliable suppliers supplying silage wrap and sheets, netwrap, twine, crop cover fleece and more.


We have suppliers who have provide full security systems, cameras, trackers and data-tags.

General Supplies

For member convenience we have supplier arrangements for a wide range of goods including, but not limited to.

  • gun cartridges
  • steel
  • drainage equipment and civils
  • fencing and gates
  • paint
  • drones


We can source suppliers to dispose of toxic waste, plastics and cans.  We support The Green Tractor Scheme along with other similar initiatives designed for the effective recycling of all farm plastics and other materials. Their aims mirror our aspirations that members have the support and opportunity to be as sustainable as possible in the future years ahead as we move towards lowering the carbon footprint in farming.