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Building Materials, Aggregates and General Supplies for Farmers

All the supplies necessary to run your farm into the future
Cleaning machinery with a jet washer.

With the government vowing to cut red tape in order to support the accessibility of farm diversification, from aggregates and building materials to general supplies, whether you are planning on big or small developments, our dedicated Woldmarsh experts are here to help.

With a supplier database of over 500 businesses and an annual spend of £12million, we have multiple contacts positioned in most commodity areas to ensure your ideas, no matter the size, come to fruition.

Padlock on gate keeping the farm land secure

Everyday Building essentials

We know that each and every day looks totally different when it comes to work and life on a farm.

So, for your convenience, we have supplier arrangements in place for a wide range of goods. If you are thinking about using it on your land, odds are, we have a relationship already in place so you get to benefit from preferential rates and Woldmarsh member status.

Day-to-day goods with Woldmarsh supplier arrangements include but are not limited to:

  • Steel
  • Drainage equipment and civils
  • Fencing and gates
  • Paint
  • Gun cartridges
  • Timber
  • Drones

Day-to-day goods with Woldmarsh supplier arrangements include but are not limited to:

  • Steel
  • Drainage equipment and civils
  • Fencing and gates
  • Paint
  • Gun cartridges
  • Timber
  • Drones
Builders pouring concrete onto the floor


Whether you're looking to improve your farm infrastructure, manage utilities or livestock or amend your soil health, Woldmarsh-approved suppliers can provide all forms of aggregate including concrete, limestone, builders' rubble and tarmac. 

Two large white gas tanks taken from the far end of one looking upwards.


Water storage, rainwater harvesting, livestock water supply, waste management, fuel and chemical storage, whether you need a tank for fuel, water or irrigation, we can help source exactly what you need.

Field of hay bails wrapped in protective plastic

Crop Packing

An everyday essential, there is more to crop packaging than you might think.

From preserving your crops and preventing damage from pests to supporting compliance, transportation and even amplifying your brand identity. With an annual spend of over £300,000, we have a number of key reliable suppliers supplying silage wrap and sheets, net wrap, twine, crop cover fleece and more.

Camera drone flying over a crop field


Asset protection, team security, peace of mind, livestock safety, data security... we could go on and on about why it is vital for you to have adequate security in place.

The bottom line is that we understand security needs will vary from farm to farm. The good news is that no matter what your individual set-up looks like, there are suppliers to suit you - whether you require a full security system, or cameras, trackers and data-tags.

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I work with suppliers ensuring members receive the best possible service.

Ask us a Question

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    Passionate about service

    If you’ve got any questions about our processes, services or support or want to provide us with some feedback, we would love to hear from you.

      Frequently asked questions

      With 60+ years of working with farmers of all sizes across the UK, primary we know you and your business. A national farming group with a goal to keep you farming sustainably into the future by.
      I'm interested in joining - what do I do next?

      Our friendly team in Membership Services is ready and waiting to come and see you.

      Getting to know you and your business is always the first step for us, so let us visit you to talk about how you can join the 1000s of Woldmarsh members already saving time and money.

      Call 01507 602396, option 4 or email to take the first step in becoming a stakeholder.

      How long does the application process take?

      As soon as we receive your documents, applications are processed This, on average, takes 2-3 weeks.

      What do I need to provide?

      Three is the magic number as they say, and that’s all we need from you - three things:

      1. Your completed application pack - including your signed membership agreement
      2. Your audited accounts for the last two years
      3. Your basic farm data
      Who will see my accounts?

      As soon as your audited accounts have been received, they are sent - unread - to our accountants, strictly for their eyes only, nobody else will see your books. If you prefer, you can send them directly to our accountants.

      Do I have to be nominated by an existing Woldmarsh member to join?

      Absolutely not. Anyone can join Woldmarsh as long as they can provide the required information.

      Can I speak to an existing member?

      Of course. We have a number of members who would be happy to talk to you about their experience with us. Just ask and we can put you in touch with somebody

      Do I have to buy everything I need through Woldmarsh?

      No, there is no upfront commitment to purchase when you choose to work with Woldmarsh. The higher the spend through your account, the lower the levy rate you are charged, the cost of being a member is therefore based on your turnover through the group.

      Can you offer payment terms?

      Working with a multitude of suppliers means we are often able to work collaboratively with them to offer payment options to members. If you are looking to manage your input payments, just ask. Our friendly team of experts is always here to help.

      Do you offer rebates on machinery and equipment?

      Of course. We have schemes in place with a number of suppliers who offer rebates to Woldmarsh members, with all rebates returned directly to you.

      What geographical area do you cover?

      We have members throughout the UK, although predominantly based in the east of England. Our office is based in Louth, Lincolnshire and from here we service all our members.

      How much does it cost to join?

      Woldmarsh doesn’t charge an annual acreage fee. There is a one-off joining fee of £250 + VAT and thereafter a minimum quarterly charge for the extensive service we offer which is outlined in our membership pack. This is, on average less than 1% of a member’s annual spend.

      Do members have responsibility for each others' bad debts?

      No. All our members contribute to the Woldmarsh Contingency Fund (£8/month for the first five years of membership, reducing to £4/month thereafter), in the event of a bad debt this fund would be used.

      How do I buy products and services through Woldmarsh?

      There are many ways you can buy products and services through Woldmarsh.

      • You can speak to a supplier directly and ask for an invoice to be booked to your Woldmarsh account.
      • Ask the office to arrange quotes for a product or service, you confirm which one you would like to proceed with and we place the order with the supplier.
      • Ask your agronomist to liaise directly with our Crop Inputs team and order chemicals, seed and fertiliser on your behalf.

      Our specialist teams will review product quality, supply availability and price to get the right deal for you. Every time.

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