Fertilizer Supply Update – Current Availability

Dear Member,

I just wanted to update you with availability of AN & NS grades if you are considering any further cover.

We have secured 10 loads of compound 27N:12So3 (that’s the same analysis as Singletop), this will be delivered from now onwards. Strictly subject to available @ £590/tonne.

There are 2 loads of compound 26N:37So3 (subject to availability) @ £640/tonne.

Russian AN is presently £610/tonne.

Pulan AN is presently £640/tonne.

Granular urea – price on application due to availability.

Yara have released some further autumn tank fill prices. Please contact your local representative or us if you wish to book. These terms are not going to hold very long so please treat as subject to availability.

TSP / MOP / DAP – all readily available but prices are moving up daily.

Heather Claridge
Fertilizer Sector Head