Update on Yara & CF Product Availability

Dear Member,

In a slightly surprise move, CF have offered terms for January Nitram and for NPKS for Nov/Dec earlier than expected  Tonnage is limited and can be withdrawn without notice.  Yara have also provided a very limited quantity should you require. Prices have NOT come down!

Grades available as follows:

Supplier Product Month of Delivery
CF Nitram January
CF Swardsman Nov/Dec
CF Premiercrop S Nov/Dec
CF Cropmaster S Nov/Dec
CF Heartland S Nov/Dec
CF Multicut S Nov/Dec


Yara Extran December
Yara Axan December
Yara Sulphan 24:12So3 December
Yara Nutribooster December
Yara Extra Grass December
Yara Stock Booster S December
Yara Sulphur Cut December
Yara Mila 52S December
Yara Actyva S December
Yara Maincrop December


Urea is available from November through to March 2022.

There have been no liquid prices issued.

Please let me know if you wish toc over any of the above. All tonnage is offered strictly subject to continued availability.¬† Email to: [email protected]


Heather Claridge
Fertilizer Sector Head