Fertilizer – Do you have adequate insurance & security?

Dear Member,

You are  aware of the problems within the fertilizer industry and the prices that are commanded now.  This has turned my attention to two important issues; insurance & security.

If you have not revalued your fertilizer stocks for insurance, I would urge you to consider doing so particularly if you have bought at prices significantly higher than usual.

The second aspect is that farmers are not the only ones who are recognising the value of products meaning that fertilizers may become very interesting to those “nocturnal” farm visitors  looking to help themselves.  The Fertilizer Industry Assurance Scheme places responsibility upon you to securely store your products and to report any theft or discrepancy of any nitrogenous / urea products.  In the event that any fertilizers are missing or unaccounted for, even if it’s only a 600kgs bag, you must report it to the Police immediately as the Counter Terrorism authorities have to be notified.  I have included the weblink to the Government site for further information: Secure your fertiliser – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

If you are approached to buy or sell any ammonium nitrate from “unusual” sources, again, this is reportable.  It is illegal for anyone to sell ammonium nitrate based fertilizers without the correct documentation to accompany it..

Heather Claridge
Fertilizer Sector Head