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Agrichem update sprayer

Agchem Update

Glyphosate was granted an extension to its current approval in Europe at the end of last year. The UK is still to grant an extension, but it is unlikely to be very different to Europe. Glyphosate 360 pricing since October has been stable at the £3.50/litre level with no strong indications that it will move from this pricing point during the coming spring season which will see a period of higher usage. 

New Agchem Products

Bayer have a new fungicide approved for the spring season under the name of iblon. This SDHi active has a broad spectrum of disease control and joins a market that has several well-established alternatives. Early indications point to more competitive pricing compared to the peak of last spring which was driven by the winter 2022 energy market. 

Volume planning will be more difficult this season as the crops sown are showing many different yield potentials which will mean inputs need to be carefully matched. 

Parallels re-approved

Sometime this year there will be new registrations for parallel imported ag chem. They were removed from sale at the end of June 2023, but the decision has now been reversed and there will be a mechanism for the re-approval of products that are identical to UK registrations to come into the UK again. Importers are unlikely to bring in such an extensive offering as before and will only target the higher usage volumes such as Win g P, Terpal, and Signum.  These registrations are unlikely to be available in time for this spring.

Soil Sampling

As many of you will now be aware of the SFI grants available, part of this is the SAM1 action, which is to “Assess soil, produce a soil management plan and test soil organic matter” yielding a payment of £6ha per year of the agreement and £97 per SFI agreement.

Of course, soil sampling is a vital tool in your ammo when making fertiliser decisions and using this input to the best of its ability to benefit your crops and soil health. The advice is soil sampling should be carried out every 3-5 years. Sampling for liming is paramount to ensure crops can access the correct nutrients at the right time, unfortunately, this is something that can often get overlooked.

We have several agreements with different suppliers to facilitate soil sampling, such as SOYL, NRM & Assured Agronomy Ltd, at a discounted rate to Woldmarsh members when

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