CRM Agri offers free market updates to Woldmarsh members


We are thrilled to announce that a company whom we and many Woldmarsh members have found to be a staple when it comes to market views and opinions have recently partnered with Woldmarsh. CRM Agri are UK leaders in this field, and it is a privilege to be able to offer their services to our members.

With the ever-increasing pressures facing the agricultural industry at this time, the mental side of farming is becoming increasingly critical particularly following the challenges which faced Winter drilling this season. Market insights and strategies is an area we would like our members to have the opportunity to be at the forefront of to ensure the absolute potential of their crops year in, year out and this partnership is a fantastic step in that direction.

Below is a brief introduction from James, CEO of CRM Agri discussing his take on grain marketing and the options available for members moving forward.

‘Grain marketing is often sidelined within farming businesses and focus is placed on achieving the highest yield, the industry has become one of the best in the world at managing yield risk with an average 7% variation in wheat yield year to year. Yearly wheat price variation has been 42% on average of the past 10 years and our members have realised how investing in managing this can positively impact their bottom lines.

CRM agri was founded when a group of Cambridgeshire farmers wanted a more tailored  independent marketing approach, since then the high national growth in membership has shown us the demand for these services and we are delighted to offer them to Woldmarsh members through this partnership and having already worked with Woldmarsh members over the past 6 years.

We will be offering access to our new Graintab platform as well as the option to use our bespoke marketing services. We will also be looking to run Woldmarsh member events and grain marketing training courses through our academy programme (’

Below is a brief summary about Graintab and instructions on how to start your free trial.

The Graintab platform equips farmers with access to clear, independent marketing recommendations, market opinions and insights as well as access to transparent ex-farm prices and tools to upskill farmers. This is supported by CRM Agri’s track record of results, having beaten the AHDB wheat market average by £9/T and £15/T for OSR over the past six years delivering consistent value to their members.

Graintab provides transparent grain marketing. Our strategic programmes are managed by a team of experts with decades of trading and marketing experience. Markets can be volatile, so the programmes we offer are designed to help you navigate this volatility and improve results whilst remaining in control of the decision you make. For those looking for even more tailored insight and advice, we also offer bespoke services to our clients and advice on using futures and options if suitable.

Thanks to our new partnership with Woldmarsh, all Woldmarsh members can receive a 10% discount on Graintab access and exclusive rates as well as a free review of your current grain marketing strategy. Please click on the link below to sign up, quoting ‘WOLD’ in the description, for a free 3-week trial of Graintab.


Graintab – Global Analysis – Local Insights – Clear Advice from CRM AgriCommodities on Vimeo.

‘Farmers don’t have time to analyse what is happening all over the world, which makes the strategy CRM Agri give invaluable to us’ – Christopher Heneage, Heneage Farms

I don’t really have much time to be in the office, so knowing that someone is watching markets and constantly analysing the situation takes some of the pressure away. A phone call from my advisor to say yes, now’s a good time to sell another 15%, means I can focus on other tasks knowing that side of things is taken care of.’’ –  Dan Wormell, PR Wormell Farms




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