What our members say…

“Best thing I’ve done is joining Woldmarsh. My electric bills have been cut in half and the staff are always helpful and friendly.” Steve Richardson – S & S Richardson – Barnsley

“ I’m a very happy Woldmarsh member, being a member saves me a lot of time and effort, and everything happens efficiently”. Mark Tatam – G F Tatam

“Being a member of Woldmarsh allows us to get on with the job, it saves time getting quotes, the staff are very helpful and friendly, and one monthly statement simplifies accountancy”. Mark Downing – J L & A Downing

“A breath of fresh air, staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and always ring back promptly” J. Atkinson

“Joining Woldmarsh has cut down their paperwork immensely and the staff are always very quick at getting back to them. The cashback health scheme is excellent!” Fiona – J & W K Fisher Ltd

“Paul and his wife find being a member of Woldmarsh to be a lovely experience, and they are so pleased they joined!” Paul Hilyer – E H & M C Hilyer & Son

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done joining Woldmarsh!” Richard Waudby – J Waudby & Son 

“It has been a good decision to join Woldmarsh, especially for electricity and fuel and sawdust for bedding. Saves time ringing around.” Chris Bellerby – J C Bellerby

“Having been a member for 25 years, I am fully satisfied and like the convenience of membership. I trust Woldmarsh to be the best price on everything and receive good rebates. I’ve never had any invoicing problems and always had excellent communication from the staff. Joining Woldmarsh is the best thing I ever did!” – Tim Robinson – J M Robinson & Son, Great Limber

“Over the last 17 years being a Woldmarsh Member has enabled us to keep our farm input costs down. We purchase all our major inputs through the group. It’s our local one stop shop.” – Matthew Graves – A.E Graves & Son, Alvingham, Louth

“The most helpful staff, pleasant, go out of their way to help you. Make you feel comfortable talking to them” – Michael Cleasby – Overdale Farms Limited, North Yorkshire

“The chemical department are fantastic with their benefits and systems being extremely competitive” – Roger Douglas, Douglas Partnership, Croxby, Lincolnshire

“We joined Woldmarsh because it promised to reduce our inputs and it did; not only did it reduce costs, the service it offers reduced the time spent buying inputs and associated administration”. – Paul Haskins – Quarryside Farm Ltd, East Yorkshire

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