Banking On Biology – Graeme Sait – 12th November

Woldmarsh member Peter Kirke would like to invite members to attend a seminar on Soil Health with guest speaker Graeme Sait, Co-Founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions. 

If you can recognise this quote from a farmer then this groundbreaking conference will be of interest to you…

“Also, we were noticing that every year the soil was getting harder. We started seeing shifts in weed populations. We started seeing perceptible changes in pest pressure. We found it increasingly harder to maintain fertility. It was like a drug addiction. It took more and more inputs every year to get the same response.”

Banking on Biology 12th November at Cabourne Parva, Riby rd, Caistor Lincs  LN7 6DR

One day Seminar by worldwide acclaimed nutrition specialist, Graeme Sait, passing on knowledge gathered in co-operation with other leading Biological soil scientists over the last 20 years, based around the workings of the Soil food Web. Building humus, organic matter, balancing minerals & encouraging good bacteria, microbes & beneficial fungi.

This knowledge links the gap between the best organic practices, whilst taking full advantage of targeted pesticides & inorganic fertilisers to obtain optimum output, whilst reducing costs of production & benefiting the environment.

This is the next step forward in sustainable agriculture & future viability.

“soil without living micro organisms is just dirt” Dr Elaine Ingham

Places are limited & available on a confirmed booking basis. Please see details in the attached brochure.

The cost includes a roast beef lunch , tea/coffee & biscuits in the morning & Tea/coffee cheese board in the afternoon, plus a vegan option if requested.

This seminar has only been made possible through the persistence of Lincolnshire farmer Peter Kirke, who’s recent research and traditional understanding of the land, that his family have worked for generations, has seen the viability of soils reduce.

Peter said “I wanted to do this seminar to gain and share the knowledge about soil biology and cover crops.  I feel this understanding will help my farm become more viable by reducing inputs and improving the state of the soil.  I can see the trap of the ever increasing inputs and decreasing outputs and I know that unless farmers find a different way of doing things, we only have a limited number of harvests left in the soil & finance available to continue.

We were very lucky at being able to persuade Graham to take a detour from his already organised tour and make a special visit to Lincolnshire.  This is a unique opportunity and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

Graeme Sait, is a sought-after presenter and author/educator who travels extensively spreading the word. In the last 12 months he has met with Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture in several of the 30 countries he has visited. He has educated and inspired thousands, including leading scientists, celebrities, consultants and concerned philanthropists. Most importantly, however, he has equipped farmers around the globe with the tools they need to move toward a more profitable and sustainable future.

CLICK HERE – For more information and to book your place

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Join us at The Midlands Machinery Show

Woldmarsh will once again be having a stand and sponsoring the Lady Eastwood Pavilion at the Midlands Machinery Show, which takes place on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November, at Newark Showground. This relatively new show continues to increase in size and popularity, and it’s a great opportunity for members to bring along a friend who may be interested in joining.

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Energy Now Expo – Free Tickets for Members


Energy Now Logo_redrawn_2015_OLThe Energy Now Expo, the renewable energy event organised exclusively for the agricultural and rural communities, returns to the Telford International Centre, Shropshire, on 8th & 9th February 2017. Each year farmers and landowners from across the UK visit the event to seek out the latest opportunities, see how the technologies continue to evolve and understand the latest in related government policy.

The event will once again be supported by Woldmarsh Producers (all members are entitled to free tickets to the event) and consist of a large exhibition, an advice clinic, a new product development zone, an education zone and a multi-streamed conference. The main theme of the 2017 conference will be “renewables in a post-subsidy world”, showcasing the benefits a well-chosen renewable energy 105_c0149_mmscheme offers, with or without subsidy support, and examining the ways technologies and the industry as a whole are adapting to offer financially viable, sustainable options.

Also returning to the 2017 event will be the Energy Now awards – recognising and celebrating the achievement of UK farmers and landowners within the renewable energy and low-carbon sectors. There will be 7 categories in total – best Ad & biogas, biomass, heat pump, hydro, solar and wind schemes, plus the most carbon neutral farm award. Members that own a scheme that has been operational for more than 12 months should enter, with each winner receiving a £500 prize and the award itself on the night (8th February 2017).

To book your free ticket to the show, to enter the awards, or for more information please visit Alternatively please call a member of the Energy Now team on 01293 854 405.

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Pesticide amnesty in Lincolnshire hailed a success

Anglian Water has worked with farmers to remove more than two tonnes of unused pesticides from Lincolnshire farmland.

The pesticide amnesty was run by the water company to provide a service for farmers with out of date pesticides, or left over chemicals which have recently been banned. Around 30 farmers took advantage of the free scheme which saw Anglian Water employ specialists Chemclear Ltd to remove the unwanted products.

The aim of the scheme is to safeguard against any chemicals accidentally finding their way into the county’s watercourses and ground water.

Anglian Water farming advisor Kelly Hewson-Fisher, said: “Pesticides are a vital tool for farmers in Lincolnshire who are battling harmful insects and weeds in our fields.

“But sometimes even the most organised farm manager can find themselves with an out of date bag of chemicals or a product which was perfectly legal when they bought it, but which has since had its license revoked. If any of these accidentally found their way into a water course there would be implications for wildlife and water quality.

“The safest option is to remove them from the farmed environment completely. All the farmers we dealt with were more than happy to take advantage of the service and it’s now something we’re looking to expand in other areas.

“We can remove most pesticides from raw water before we put it into supply, but it’s much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly to work with farmers and ensure they don’t enter the water in the first place.”

Any farmers in the catchment area around the Louth Canal, Great Eau and River Ancholme were eligible to take advantage of the pesticide amnesty. The service was free and was entirely anonymous.

Kelly is part of the team of catchment advisors at Anglian Water and regularly works with farmers across Lincolnshire to help them ensure they are harvesting healthy crops while also protecting local rivers and water courses.

One of the biggest issues for water quality in the region is the slug pesticide metaldehyde. It is not viable to remove the chemical at treatment works and there is strict water quality legislation covering it. Working with farmers to encourage them to move to an alternative product will bring benefits for farm businesses, Anglian Water customers and the environment.

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Rural Flooding Forage Aid Campaign

Forage AidMany of you will be aware that Forage Aid, a charity set up by Woldmarsh member Andrew Ward, has been aiding livestock farmers who have lost some or all of their bedding and feeding materials for their animals. An appeal over the Christmas period has generated a generous response from many farmers prepared to offer bales of straw and silage for those who have need.

We are appealing to all our members and suppliers for assistance in transporting feed and straw from its source to a farm in need. We realise that many of you have been generous already, however if anyone feels they have the capability to utilise spare space on one of their wagons or trailers even if only on a one off basis, you would be aiding a farmer in distress.

If you feel you may be able to help, please contact the Forage Aid helpline on 07967219991 and the co-ordinator will take your details and discuss options with you to help.

You can find more details via their website –

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Woldmarsh Awarded Investors in People Accreditation

We are delighted to advise you that Woldmarsh Producers Ltd has been awarded the Investors in People award.

This is a national standard designed to allow organisations such as ours to benchmark what we do against those elsewhere in the country and to indicate that our staff are fundamental to the wellbeing and future development of the company.

To achieve the standard we needed to meet the minimum requirements in 10 categories of measurement. These categories are designed to encourage staff contribution to the goals of the organisation and their own personal development.

Achieving the standard, is a proud moment in the development of Woldmarsh, however this should be seen as the foundation to build  for the future.

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