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New, Cheaper Fuel Card Option On Pump Diesel

Woldmarsh has secured a deal with fuel card provider Silvey.

Silvey are offering members:

  • Low cost pump diesel across the UK at thousands of sites
  • A choice of three cards
  1. ESSO - Full Esso site list
  2. Fastfuels - Fastfuel Site List 2014
  3. Keyfuels - Keyfuels Driver List

The Woldmarsh/Silvey price this week is just 105.98pl nett / 127.17 gross.

As with our other fuel cards the individual invoices (one per member) will come to Woldmarsh each month and will appear on your consolidated monthly statement. This gives you the added bonus of longer payment terms than most fuel card providers’ offerings outside the group.


The link below shows you all the sites that are in the scheme and identifies which card is linked to which garage.

The ESSO card is for use at any ESSO garage (list attached for clarification), the Fastfuels  is a Texaco branded card but can be used at various garages including all Morrisons supermarket fuel stations (list attached) and finally the Keyfuels is a multi-branded network.

Please email or call Katie or Amy with any card orders you have and we will place these with the supplier for you.

Please do not contact Silvey direct, this is a Woldmarsh deal that needs to be done through the office.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Tailgates on Trailers

With the root crop harvest in full swing and the grain harvest coming to an end it is time for all farmers to ensure that they have covered all the bases as far as safety is concerned.

There are two types of auto tailgates used regularly on farms; the older mechanical ones used a lever system which opens the tailgate as the body is raised. More common are the hydraulic type which are activated from the auxiliary controls both have their faults as far as safety is concerned.

In the last week a farmer’s coop has been fined £130,000 after a worker was killed by a hydraulic tailgate on a trailer. In the court the HSE were keen to point out that if simple controls had been put in place then the accident could have been avoided and a life could have been saved. A simple barrier was all that was required to stop anyone approaching the tailgate. When reversing onto a hopper all that’s required is a section of plastic fencing with clear signs warning of the risk if the tailgate is lowered.

When work is being carried out on the tailgate ensure that a locking bar on the ram or other physical means are used to prevent the tailgate closing.

All too often, people seem to believe that all they need to do is disconnect the pipe from the tractor and that will lock the system, but you must be clear that if there is a failure of the pipe or ram seal the tailgate will fall.

When planning work you should work on the fail to safe system in that if anything fails the tailgate will still be supported

Ask yourself the question “Have I done all that I should to ensure that my workforce has a safe place of work and safe systems”.

Woldmarsh supplier RBP UK can help with impartial health and safety advise, specialising in agriculture and farm good practice.

Call Lee on 01522 686661 to book at appointment or have an informal chat

Business Security Conference

Date for your diary 23rd September – Business Security Conference with Stuart J Green Digital Engineering held at Lincolnshire Police Headquarters. See flyer for details.

Terravesta in association with Woldmarsh host free miscanthus farm walk

10am-3pm, 2nd October 2014

Hackthorn, Lincolnshire 

Woldmarsh arable farmers interested in new planting options are invited to a free miscanthus farm walk hosted by Terravesta. The event will be held on 2nd October at Hackthorn, Lincolnshire and will showcase the commercial and operational rewards of growing the perennial energy crop, with insight into developments that will improve margins for 2015 and beyond.

After coffee and introductions at 10am, experts from the Terravesta team will lead a guided tour around fields planted with miscanthus of different maturity levels – including marginal land that is now generating a healthy £579 per ha. Attendees will hear about new processes that are set to lower establishment costs, and meet existing growers who will share their experiences with the low-input, high-return crop.

Terravesta’s specialists will also explore the compelling financial case for miscanthus as a more secure, long-term arable solution to wheat and other price-volatile cereals. The event will close at 3pm after a lunch and a Q&A session.

To book your space, please email Charlotte Horner at

For more information about any aspect of profitable miscanthus growing or to speak to an expert contact Terravesta: | 01522 731873 | @Terravesta

Your invitation to our HR & Employment Law breakfast meeting

On Tuesday 28th October 8.30am – 10.30am at Hemswell Court, Gainsborough, Lincs

Suitable for farms of all sizes and those that have separate enterprises.

Guest speaker Ceri Davies from Peninsula Business Services will be discussing how to reduce your risk and ensure legal compliance covering the below areas and more

  • How to deal with seasonal staff
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Recruitment – Discrimination Practices
  • How to properly dismiss employees

You will also have the opportunity to meet the Peninsula and Woldmarsh account manager to discuss the HR & Employment law service further and get your free advice card.

Please RSVP by 12noon Monday 20th October indicating your member number, name and places required.

By email or by phone Woldmarsh office 01507 602396

Places are limited and all places will be confirmed.

Stoneacre – New Fiat Ducato Launch Event 

We would like to invite you to the New Fiat Ducato launch event with an offer to acquire free of charge a Certificate of Excellence in Van operations which as a fleet operator could benefit your business.

Held at our Stoneacre Head office in Thorne on 11th Sept 2014 We would like you to come and join us for Breakfast, Lunch or both, see, feel and touch the New Fiat Ducato as well as take it and it’s competition for a short drive and tell us what you think as well as the opportunity to gain your certification.


We have invited along the FTA (Fleet Transport Association) to get you certified as part of the FTA Van Excellence  program, this is as part of our commitment to help you  achieve the highest operating standards within your Van fleet, We will be able to accommodate 20 delegates for the 9.30am morning session and 20 for the 1.30pm afternoon session which will be followed by a short test, and you could walk away in the knowledge that you are on the road to Van Excellence

The planned program for the day is as follows:

  • 8.30-9 am arrive for Breakfast
  • 9 am Welcome Meeting
  • 9.30 am-12 noon Session for the morning Delegates for FTA certification
  • 9.30 am-12 noon New Fiat Ducato product overview, Ride and Drive including competitor vehicles for remaining Delegates and short Product quiz
  • 12.15-12.45 pm Lunch
  • 12.45-1 pm Afternoon Welcome Meeting
  • 1.30 pm-5 pm Session for the afternoon Delegates for FTA certification
  • 1.30 pm-5 pm New Fiat Ducato product overview, Ride and Drive including competitor vehicles for remaining Delegates and short Product quiz

To book get in touch with Stewart Foster, Business Development Manager

Tel: 01405 744109 | Mob: 07880384249 | Email:

Member Advert – Drivers Wanted

Read Transport Limited, Woodhall Spa  – are looking to recruit a part-time HGV Class 1 driver for the 2014-15 Sugar Beet Campaign.  The successful applicant would need to have a completed Driver CPC and current digital tacho card.  Fork lift qualifications and experience would be very advantageous.

Please apply to Andrew Read on 01507 526 829 or 07971 130 977

Somersby House Farm, Spilsby – are looking to recruit a part-time farm worker/tractor driver.  This position is for an immediate start and would continue through to the end of November.  Previous tractor driving experience would be advantageous.

Please apply to Andrew Read on 01507 526 829 or 07971 130 977

Get the most out of combine tyres this harvest

Inspecting tyres on equipment which will be used this harvest will pay dividends, emphasises Jon Ward of Mitas Tyres, the leading manufacturer of off-road tyres under the Mitas, Continental and Cultor brands.

Most farms will make sure that their combine is serviced ahead of harvest, but many forget about the tyres. However, ‘checking the rubber’ will undoubtedly pay dividends by ensuring that the machine operates reliably, safely and at peak productivity during this critical period on which so much depends.

Combine tyres typically have a very long service life, 10 years or more, so they don’t really wear out in the conventional sense and even when they do need replacing most will still have plenty of tread. However, the highly seasonal nature of a combine’s use means that potential problems with its tyres often remain unnoticed until they fail. Intensive use will quickly expose any shortfalls in the tyre’s integrity, so it’s important to check for signs of excess wear, damage and correct operation before harvest.

The most common reason for replacing older combine tyres are ageing cracks, which are caused by ozone in the atmosphere attacking the rubber compound and causing it to degrade. This is particularly so in coastal areas, where the ozone concentration is much higher, although high-capacity electrical equipment, such as a welder, will also increase ozone levels.

Ageing cracks may appear quite narrow and shallow while the machine is static, but once moving the flexing of the carcase will cause them to open. They can quickly become wide and deep, leading to gradual pressure loss or even sudden failure, particularly if they occur in the sidewall. If you notice ageing cracks, monitor them carefully and replace the tyre as soon as possible. Just before and during harvest the demand for combine tyres reaches its annual peak, stocks become depleted and delivery times increase, so give the supplier as much notice as you can.

When combine tyres have to be replaced it’s important to do so with the correct type. Over the years machines have become larger and heavier, imposing greater loadings on tyres, so manufacturers have upgraded specifications accordingly. When fitting replacements, check the Service Description (load index/speed symbol) on the tyres to ensure that they will carry the intended load and match/exceed the original equipment specification.

For example, one of the most popular front axle combine fitments is the 800/65R32 tyre which originally had a service description of 167A8. The 167 is the load index and the higher the number the higher the load capacity. The A8 part of it provides an indication of speed, in this case a maximum of 40 kmh. A 167A8 tyre can carry a load of up to 9390kg at an inflation pressure of 2 bars, at 10kmh in cyclic operation (i.e. when harvesting the crop). Manufacturers have subsequently introduced tyres with a service description of 172A8, which will carry 11,570kg at 3.1 bar and the latest version with 178A8 increases the loading to 13,320kg at four bar in cyclic operation.

One of the big advantages of the traditional 800/65 R 32 is that it keeps the maximum machine width to less than 3.5 metres. However, following a number of wet harvests, demand has increased for wider drive axle tyres which can operate at a lower inflation pressure, thereby reducing ground pressure. Mitas offers a range of larger tyres, 900/60 R 32, 900/70 R 32 and 1050/60 R 32, which provide higher load carrying capability at lower pressures.  However, there is an obvious conflict between wider tyres and overall machine width. Larger tyres can take the overall width of the combine to more than three metres, requiring the police to be notified when moving the vehicle on the road.

The new Mitas 800/70 R 32 SVT CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation) 175A8 (172B) tyre has been developed to maintain the overall width to below 3.5 metres. It allows a lower inflation pressure for a given load when used in cyclic operation at 10km/hr, which means that the sidewall deflection is increased, resulting in a longer contact patch and lower ground contact pressure. Whereas a standard tyre at a load of 10710 kg requires an inflation pressure of 3.0-bar, the CHO tyre requires only 1.6-bar.

After harvest operators should not only thoroughly clean and prepare combines for long-term storage but also check tyres for damage and wear prior to winter storage. If tyres are in good condition the machine should ideally be stored in a closed barn out of direct sunlight, its weight supported on blocks to take the load off the tyres and inflation pressures reduced to 0.7 Bar.

If this is not possible the tyres should be inflated to normal operating pressure to help avoid ‘flat spots’ from developing, pressures should be checked periodically and the combine moved slightly every so often so the weight rests on a different part of the circumference. Each tyre should be fitted with an opaque cover to keep out sunlight.

The cost of replacing combine tyres runs into thousands of Pounds, so it makes sense to look after them correctly. Taking a few simple steps will pay dividends by avoiding unnecessary downtime, hassle and replacement costs. However, if replacement is necessary fit them during the winter when tyre suppliers have more time.

Mitas Tyres Limited, Unit 6, Bergen Way, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2JG.

T: 01553 817740 or go to

Member Adverts

For Sale


Watkins Flat Lift, £5900.00, 3 years old, only done approx. 200ac work. Also has brackets for a rape seeder.

Please contact either Tom on 07739 678205 or William on  07836 556700, 01977 661215

For Sale

291tonnes of storage at Woldgrain Storage Hemswell, which includes weighbridge and testing facilities.

Cost of £100 per ton. Will accept payment over two/three/four years

For details call 07776060591

Woldmarsh Awarded Investors in People Accreditation

We are delighted to advise you that Woldmarsh Producers Ltd has been awarded the Investors in People award.

This is a national standard designed to allow organisations such as ours to benchmark what we do against those elsewhere in the country and to indicate that our staff are fundamental to the wellbeing and future development of the company.

To achieve the standard we needed to meet the minimum requirements in 10 categories of measurement. These categories are designed to encourage staff contribution to the goals of the organisation and their own personal development.

Achieving the standard, is a proud moment in the development of Woldmarsh, however this should be seen as the foundation to build  for the future.

Why Woldmarsh for Sundries? – Written by Katie Jarvis-Grove

Over the five years that I have been with Woldmarsh I have been asked on many occasions about the benefits for members of buying their sundry items through the group. Certainly, in my experience, members may not always be aware of the huge range of products and the services we are working hard to bring them and the strict supplier management we apply to ensure our prices are always as sharp as possible. Constant benchmarking is undertaken within the department and suppliers not conforming to the terms are often removed from the database.

I think it’s important to try to explain what “sundry” items actually are, and this could be summed up as “everything that you need and use that isn’t a core input, fuel or machinery.” We would always actively encourage members to contact us first if they are unsure of whether Woldmarsh have arrangements in place for what they need. Think of the Sundries Team, Katie and Amy, as your “one-stop-shop” who will take the time and effort out of your sourcing your often complex needs. The time you take to go through the process of finding a supplier and negotiating a deal could be saved by simply calling the office and taking advantage of the expertise within the Sundries department.

Woldmarsh suppliers, especially those awarded the Preferred Supplier Rosette go through a robust process to ensure they meet our members needs for price, service and quality. Where rebate deals have been agreed, any volume lost within the group impacts negatively on the membership overall. With offers that require Woldmarsh to achieve a volume to trigger a lower price the same applies. Some member enquiries are very time consuming and it is disappointing when a member takes our pricing and attempts to use it outside of the group potentially undermining agreements we have in place.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask members for feedback on their experience of dealing with Woldmarsh for Sundries and invite any suggestions for products/services that the membership feel we should look into.

Please contact Katie by email or phone on 01507 602396.

Are you getting Woldmarsh emails?

We have recently been reviewing our email lists which we use to send you the latest member news and offers from suppliers. It has been noticed that a lot of our emails to members are not being delivered due to being rejected from members email servers. To ensure that you receive these emails please check your junk email box as well as making sure Woldmarsh is marked as a safe sender and not marked as junk. We use email to communicate a number of messages to members including very important details about the fertilizer markets to information about what is happening in the office – all information we think you should know about.

We have created a number of tailored email lists so if you are receiving livestock emails and you’re not interested in these you can simply click unsubscribe. We want our members to make the most out of their membership and communication is key.

If you are not currently receiving emails from the office, please speak to Lucy who will be happy to add you to our lists.

Need labour for harvest?

Do you need labour for harvest? If so, please have a look at the document below:

Woldlink to launch at Cereals 2014

Supply and service provider Woldlink will be attending Cereals 2014 to demonstrate how you can save on your overheads with their extensive list of offered product lines and services through significantly discounted prices as a result of their purchasing power.

Woldlink’s launch marks the efforts of parent company Woldmarsh Producers to provide a level of assistance and customer-driven solutions not normally seen outside of co-operatives – all without requiring membership or conforming to extra rules and requirements. The service will deliver savings in both running costs, through better purchasing power, and administrative costs, through process improvement, therefore reducing your overheads.

Cereals 2014, the UK’s premiere arable industry technical event provides the launchpad for Woldlink with over 64 hectares of stands and live demonstrations. Woldlink will be demonstrating the value in their agricultural products and service offerings.

The initial market focus will be around Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Contracting, Equestrian, Grounds Keeping, Horticulture, Landscaping and Small Holdings. With a huge range of products and services on offer, Woldlink provides a one-stop shop for clients through their expertise and purchasing power; Woldlink prides itself on the ability to find a competitive solution to client’s specific requirements.

Chief Executive Stuart McKenzie comments ‘this is a really exciting development for the group. We have been proving these services for over 50 years, but it is only just now that we can offer a solution to members who do not wish to fully commit or conform to the rules of a cooperative society and yet wish to benefit from collective purchasing power. Woldlink is our answer to this issue, allowing participation from a wide range of business types.”

Woldlink supplies the following key products/services at significantly discounted rates:

    • Fuel – Gas, Oil, Diesel, Kerosene and Adblue
    • Oils, Lubricants & Hydraulics


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